Here are some things that you might want to know

The boats we use are sailing yachts, with 2-5 cabins, as we promote ecology and try to get closer and closer to nature. So we will try to navigate using wind power most of the time and less that of the engine.

The skipper will manoeuver the yacht alone or helped by the crew. He will enstabish the itinerary, he will choose the docking and anchoring places and he will be the one to make any decision regarding the safety of the crew or of the yacht. He will also guide those interested in learning how to sail.

The itinerary will be established by the skipper befor embarking and ensure the comfot and safety of the entire crew, this can be modified depending on the weather conditions or other factors.

The yachts wich we use are equipped with 12V electicity. supported by bateries and the posibility to connect, similar to the one in the car, which allows the charging of the phones, tablets and other devices, and in some marinas there is the possibility to connect to 220V.

The boat has an audio system very similar to the one in the car, whit speakers in the saloon and in the cockpit, to which you can connect through bluetooth, aux, mini SD, so you can start by creating your own playlist, so that you can add the new songs shown by the other members of the crew.

We will wake up and have breakfast, after which we will explore the local beauties. The lunch will be accompanied by sea baths, sun and fun, and then we will set sail and go to an exotic places when we will spend the night.

The yacht where we will spend our holliday contains a few cabins, depending on the number of people, each of these being equipped with double or bunk berths.

There are one or more heads on each boat. Each of them has a shower and on the deck there is one more wich you can wose to rinse from the salty water.

Each cabin will be provided with sheets and one towel per person, that is why we recommend to have a beach towel

The reccommended items to be consumed must be as light and easy to prepare as possible (maximum 40 min.), so that the diet will be balanced and we will not spend out time in the kitchen.

If you like to cook, be our guest, the boat is fully equipped with enough space for cooking and with a freezer where we will store the food and drinks. Anyway, if there are no enthusiats there may be moments in which we will have to show our chef abilities. 

You and the other members of the crew will have to make the shopping list. Once you have agreed you will be able to purchase the supplies found in the departing marina, or nearby. And don't forget the skipper when you count the dishes. Regarding the products the best fresh ones would be bread, fruits, vegetables, they can be bought from all the marinas where we will be docked. 

Because sailing is for everyone, there is no superior age limit, and as far as those under 18 years old, there are events for families with children.

As this is a unique holiday we have tried to make up a small list with the things that you should bring with you and with other unuseful things.

  • Useful:

1. Bathing suit - since you will spend most of the time in water or under the sun choose the most comfortable bathing suits,, because this is how you will spend 80% of the time;

Sunglasses - in order not to get tanned with wrinkles, you will need to have a pair of sunglasses, preferably polarized ones, because this have the ability to significantli reduce the light reflected by the water, in this way you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes even more;

3. Cap or sun hat - for an extra amount of comfort and to avoid the possible unpleasantries caused by the sun, it is recommended to have any head covering, no matter the hour;

4. Solar protection cream - as we will spend most of the time at sea the mere standing in the shade will not be enaugh to protect us from the solar radiations;

5. Shoes with light color soles - because the black soles are able to leave tracks on the gripping parts of the boat and since it is very difficult to be cleaned, the usage of this kind of articles is not recommended. To check them, you can rub the shoes against any plastic surface, such as the shower tub.

  • Unuseful things:

1. Hard luggage - because the storage space on the boat is limited, traveling suitcases which cannot be folded are not recommended;

2. High-heeled shoes - under no circumstance is the usage of high-heeled shoes recommanded because there is the risc of an accident or of damaging the boat, try to replace them with something more comfortable and witout heels;

3. Appliances that are powered from a 220V outlet - the power circuit of the boat supports 12V XXXX and not all marinas have an option to connect to 220V outlets. It is recommended to, as much as possible to avoid appliances like: clothing irons, even plate, hair drier.

Sea sickness is less common condition that some individuals might encounter however if you believe you will be uncomfortable the skipper will show you some tips on how to avoid sea sickness.

If you have any preexisting medical condition that require special attention please let us know in advance so that the skipper can accommodate everything needed to ensure your trip is as pleasant as possible.

It's very simple: find the event that best suits you and fill in the form on the website. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the necessary information and within 5 days you can confirm the reservation and provide proof of payment for the deposit.

Since the moment you confirm a reservation we incur a significant expense (reserving the boat in advance) the reservation cannot be cancelled. However, if there is a situation in which you cannot go on the booked trip please do let us know at the earliest and we will work with you towards finding the best resolution.

Before boarding we will put together a crew record which will contain all the details of the people onboard. This will be shared with the harbor authorities - at least two weeks before departure. A copy of this record will be kept on board in accordance with the legal requirements.

The deposit is paid in cash to the skipper upon boarding and its role is to ensure that possible damages to the boat or equipment are covered. The deposit will be paid back on arrival should no damage occurs to the boat.

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